Improving quality and outcomes together.

Aiming towards evidence based research

Momentis is committed to supporting the generation of high-quality clinical evidence through collaboration and partnerships with clinicians, hospitals and societies.

We are driven to develop evidence that demonstrates value. Momentis supports traditional clinical studies, outcomes research and utilizes real world evidence (RWE) databases to build the body of knowledge about minimally invasive care.

“The Anovo Surgical System is a safe and effective tool for vaginal surgery, enabling more surgeons to operate vaginally with the known advantages of robotics”
Jan Baekelandt, MD 
Imelda Hospital, Bonheiden, Belgium

Growing number of clinical publications

Momentis is dedicated to driving clinical adoption and evidence with a focus on systemic reviews, real world evidence analysis, prospective and retrospective comparison studies, and pre-clinical studies. 

Interested in experiencing the future of robotics and participating in research?

We actively seek collaborators and partners on a variety of research projects. Our clinical team invites you to learn more and get involved in our collaborative research initiatives.