Anovo Surgical System

Robotics with a Human Touch

Innovation within reach

Transforming Robotics by Maximizing Capabilities and Minimizing Footprint.

Instrument Arms: Humanoid Articulation

Designed to mimic the surgeon’s natural humanoid movements with shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints, revolutionizing the surgeon’s ability to replicate complete freedom of movement within the abdomen.

Robotic Control Unit: Versatile & Efficient.

Improving on the legacy of traditional robotic platforms, at only 13 pounds, the Anovo (RCU) is accessible in any operating room. Transformative architecture without compromise.

Console: Ergonomic and Compact.

Anovo's novel open console allows for direct line of sight and improved communication; putting the team back into robotic surgery.

“I’m not a proponent of robotic surgery; I am a proponent of minimally invasive surgery. Anovo is the right tool to offer less-invasive surgery.”

Ricardo Estape, MD
HCA Kendall
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Revolutionizing Access

Transforming Robotics by Offering the First and Only Platform for Transvaginal Surgery.

Fueled by Innovation, Anovo is the first of its kind in enabling unprecedented articulation and reach in these currently approved clinical indications.

Benign Hysterectomy




Ovarian Cyst Removal

Why Anovo?

Small. Portable. Capable.


Increasing options for vaginal surgery.


Unprecedented articulation, dexterity, and reach; built for current and future indications.


Open platform concept, complimentary to any OR and agnostic to existing surgical equipment.

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