About Momentis

Momentis was founded in 2013 when co-founders Chief Executive Officer Dvir Cohen and Professor Nir Shvalb, PhD, began exploring a revolutionary idea to create a surgical robotic system with fingers. At the time, Mr. Cohen was an awarded officer in the Israeli Ministry of Defense specializing in robotic systems and leading the development of opto-mechanical disruptive solutions, including one that won the Israel Defense Award. After his military service, he conducted extensive market research on surgical robotics, speaking with surgeons from many specialties. He found the clinical need was not for articulation of the instrument’s grasper, but for the ability to better maneuver instruments within the body. Mr. Cohen understood that if that articulation happened internally, it would reduce the number of instrument portals needed, revolutionizing how procedures are performed and further reducing the invasiveness of already minimally invasive surgeries. Mr. Cohen chose robotic assisted vaginal surgery as the system’s initial application after learning that, while the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends the vaginal approach to benign hysterectomy “whenever feasible1”, it was only used in about 16% of procedures due to challenges with anatomy, accessibility and visualization. From there, he developed a system that enables surgeons to overcome these challenges.

Our Product

The AnovoTM Surgical System features unique robotic instrument ARMS that mimic the movement of the surgeon’s shoulder, elbow and wrist, offering high dexterity, multi-planar flexibility and unprecedented articulation. The ability to articulate the ARMS enables the transvaginal approach to benign gynecologic procedures and surgeons are able to use the familiar fundus to cervix technique without the need for multiple abdominal incisions. Anovo requires a much smaller footprint and costs significantly less than conventional robotic systems, making it possible for more hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers to acquire the system.

Our Journey

As the company conducted clinical trials, it established Momentis Surgical, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in preparation for the commercialization of the Anovo surgical system worldwide. In February 2021, the FDA granted De Novo marketing authorization for use in robotic-assisted transvaginal benign surgical procedures including benign hysterectomy. Momentis boasts a highly experienced leadership team with more than 100 years of combined experience in the surgical robotics sector, including Dr. Maurice R. Ferré, the former founder and CEO of MAKO Surgical Corp. who serves as Momentis’ Chairman of the Board. With 16 granted U.S. Patents, and 140 granted patents worldwide, the company today is focused on expanding the adoption of the Anovo System and empowering surgeons with the opportunity to improve patient outcomes.